Redskins Haters make me laugh

I find it so funny when people spin the most obscure  items about the Redskins into how we are the devil re-incarnated.  We’ve sucked for a whie, we will suck this year, and will probably not be much better for a couple of years.  What about all the money on free agents Denver and Tampa have spent?  Did they get a ring? Are people busting on them like they do the Redskins?

I get it, when Danny boy first took over he made our team a joke.  Since the Haynesworth debacle we haven’t signed guys to those types of contracts anymore.  When we had the chance to go crazy when free agency opened did we spend it all on one or two guys?  Nope, we spread it out and brought in several guys.  Will it work?  Who knows!  Definitely not me and definitely not some keyboard warrior whose “insider” information comes from their own head.